"Wash Me Solar came out and preformed a full visual inspection of our solar panels. Mark and Austin did a great job cleaning our panels. We had no idea that our panels were that spotted/dirty. We can see the difference before and after cleaning and we can see a production increase of energy even on a cloudy day. Highly recommend!" -Lithia H.

"We had a great experience with wash me solar. We had a total pigeon infestation and our roof looked horrible with tons of pigeons living underneath our solar panels and all the stuff that come with them. Wash me solar came and cleaned everything off and installed a metal barrier so the pigeons can’t get underneath anymore. They were friendly and professional to work with."          - Maren V.

"Austin and his crew were great. Very reasonably priced, respectful, prompt and responsive. They took care of my pigeon problem with screening, pressure washed the nesting, the gutters and then cleaned my solar panels. Saved me time and money. I would recommend them to anyone." - Jeff P.

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