Snow Guards

At Wash Me Solar, we’re committed to helping you protect your solar investment.  But we’re also here to help keep you and your family safe too! 

Ensuring Optimal Performance with Expert Solar Panel Cleaning

While many of us love our Utah snow, it is also important to recognize some of the hazards that exist in the winter time.  Anyone with a steep roof, a roof prone to avalanching snow and especially solar panel owners with a steep roof, please pay attention.

As snow accumulates on your roof and on your panels, that snow starts to melt and then refreeze, causing ice accumulation underneath the snow. As that snowy ice starts to fall down your roof, it can cause avalanching. When avalanching occurs, it can cause damage to your property, vehicles or significant injury or even death to family members and pets who might be walking out their front door, onto their back deck or onto their driveway.  We have customers whose gutters, garage doors, fences and vehicles were damaged.  One customer even had their vehicle totalled due to avalanching snow falling onto their car in a driveway.

Dangers of Snow on Solar Panels: Risks for Homeowners

Solar panel owners, this can be even more dangerous for you and your families. I’m sure you’ve noticed that the snow melts off of your solar panels before any other parts of your roof. That sliding, melting snow can cause larger chunks of snow accumulated on your panels to fall at an even faster speed.

We’re proud to introduce our NEWEST, innovative Snow Guards!

Wash Me Solar’s Snow Guards are two different products that help protect you.  Our Snow Dogs are 6 inch metal slats attached between your solar panels designed to break up the snow into smaller pieces as it falls down your panels, ensuring that any snow falling off your roof will fall in smaller chunks versus large, potentially fatal ones. Made of high quality metal, these snow dogs are reliable, good looking and they work well.

Snow Guards

Introducing Snow Rails: Protecting Homes from Avalanching Snow

Our Snow Rails are a 2 inch high metal rail that attaches to the bottom of your solar array intended to catch the snow and ice at the bottom of the arrays before they fall off of your roof. Located at the bottom of the panels, they are tall enough to reduce the speed and catch the falling snow, yet small enough to not cause shading issues with your panels. These snow guards are the first product on the market to help protect home and solar owners from the hazards of avalanching snow!    

Snow Guards

If you invest in Snow Guards today:


You get a 10-year warranty


You get to protect your vehicles or structures below your panels from damage


You get to protect your family, loved ones and pets from dangerous avalanching accidents

Snow Guard Systems: Protection for Homes with Steep Roofs

For homeowners who do not have solar panels, but do have a steep roof and live in an area that gets large amounts of snow, we can install a Snow Guard system incorporating Snow Dogs and Snow Rails to protect you and your family also.  Designed to be attached to any roof slope or type, asphalt shingle to metal roofs, our snow guards are proven to add protection to homeowners with steep roofs and in large snow areas. Customizable to your roof slope and most shingle colors, our Snow Guards are a great addition to your home.

Give our team at Wash Me Solar a call and we can come out and do a no obligation, free quote customized to your home.