Pigeon Under Solar Panels: Pigeon Removal and Cleanup

The Importance of Early Intervention

Pigeons are attracted to solar panels for many reasons.

The underside of the solar panels is a great place for them to hide from both the elements and from larger birds of prey such as hawks, owls, falcons and eagles, who like to hunt them. But the number one reason they like solar panels has to do with their parental instincts to build a family. Solar panels are constantly receiving heat from the sun and staying warm as they are producing power. That warmth is the perfect place for pigeons to nest, give birth to their eggs and keep their newly birthed hatchlings safe and warm. Remove their ability to get under your panels to build their nests and you will remove them from your roof. 

Understanding Pigeon Breeding: The Importance of Early Intervention

Pigeons start out breeding as a monogamous pair with the intent to grow their flock to around 20-30 birds. Pigeon breeding may occur in all seasons, but peak reproduction occurs in the spring and fall. Eight to 12 days after mating, the females typically lay 2 eggs which hatch after 18 days. Chicks leave the nest in 30 days and oftentimes, more eggs are laid before the first clutch of chicks even leave the nest. A female pigeon can start having babies of their own as early as 7 months old and can have up to 6 clutches per year, resulting in 12 new babies per female. We have seen homes that started with 2 pigeons turn into 40 pigeons in a year. The larger the flock, the harder it is to get them to permanently leave your roof after we perform our services, so addressing the problem early is the best course of action

If you wait too long to address your pigeon issue, you’ll be left with a serious infestation and a lot of pigeon feces under your panels, on your roof, in your gutters and downspouts and all throughout your yard. Those feces are dangerous to your family and pets’ health, as pigeon feces carries over 60 diseases, the highest number of diseases in comparison to any other bird species, some of which can be transmitted to humans. Unlike most other birds, pigeons nest in their own feces, which attracts mites and increases transmittance of other diseases. Pigeons also carry more diseases than rats, with their droppings (feces) being one of the core causes of disease.

We call the entire cleanup, guard install and solar panel cleaning job a Pest Exclusion.

Our industry leading Pest Exclusion process starts by focusing on the cleanup first. This is critically important, as a pigeon’s sense of smell is remarkable and they are drawn to their own feces. Removing every remnant of their feces helps to improve the success of keeping them from returning to your roof after the pest exclusion is installed.



Thorough Cleaning

We start by removing and thoroughly cleaning up the mess left behind by pigeons and squirrels under your panels and in your gutters. We don’t just brush it off; we use a soft washing technique under your panels and power wash out the gutters. Starting from the peak of your roof, we remove all pigeons and squirrel nests, eggs, hatchlings, droppings, and debris from under your solar panels. 

Gutter Cleaning

We clean out the gutters below your panels that often become clogged by all the feces, as well as blasting out your downspouts to ensure proper roof and gutter draining.



Solar Panel Cleaning

While on the roof, we finish off with a solar panel cleaning to remove all residual feces from off the panels. 

Spray Affected Areas

Once we go back to the ground-level, we thoroughly spray off the areas that were affected by the spray off from above including the outside of your home, patio areas and yard. 



Disinfectant Treatment

We apply a disinfectant treatment of all areas that have been in contact with the pigeon poop (Decks, chairs, grills, patio, etc). We use all-natural and safe disinfectant products that kill bacteria and viruses, but will not harm your children or pets.

The last step in the process is to install the manufacturer-recommended PVC-dipped galvanized steel mesh around all solar panel arrays with solar-friendly clips that attach below the panels to ensure the pigeons can never get under your panels again.  

Pigeon Prevention

Effective Pigeon Prevention: Installing PVC-Dipped Galvanized Steel Mesh

We have had customers ask us to perform cleanup services before, but not want to move forward with a Pigeon Guard installation at the same time.  We DO NOT recommend this, as we know the birds will immediately go back under the panels.  Pigeons are habitual and will go right back where they were unless you force them to find a new home. The only way to guarantee they leave your roof is to also complete a Pigeon Guard installation immediately after.

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