Squirrel & Pigeon Barriers for Solar Panels

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Protecting Your Property from Pigeon Infestations: Effective Strategies and Common Pitfalls

Contrary to what many believe, pigeons are actually smart birds. They thrive in urban settings. They are not scared of people. They are scared of predators such as hawks, owls, falcons and eagles. They have great eyesight and a great sense of smell and can tell the difference between a fake owl and a real one. So save yourself the money of buying the fake owl because within a week, the pigeons will be landing on the fake owl because they see it doesn’t move and doesn’t emit a smell.

The only way to truly protect yourself from a pigeon infestation is to install a barrier around the exterior of your solar panels.  Buyer beware…not all guard material and installations are the same. Close to 20% of the jobs we do today are replacing someone else’s poor material and/or installation and redoing the job over. Many people see our mesh material and think it’s the same thing you can buy at Amazon or Home Depot, but it’s not.  Our guard material is a thicker gauged, squirrel-rated material that is specially made for larger pests like squirrels and pigeons. Many times that thinner material is not strong enough to stay attached when critters are pulling at them or snow is pushing down on it.

Protect Your Solar Panels with Wash Me Solar's Pigeon Guard

pigeon under solar panels

Safeguard your solar panels from pigeon infestations with Wash Me Solar’s industry-leading pigeon guard, preventing any potential damage to your home and solar investment. Designed to blend seamlessly with your solar array, our all black, low-profile, PVC-dipped grid wire mesh preserves the visual appeal of your property while effectively safeguarding your investment from those pesky pigeons and squirrels.

Our pigeon guards are installed by licensed and insured experts who are able to tackle the hardest, most challenging roofs and solar installations.  

Ensuring the Integrity of Your Solar Panels: Our Installation Process

We do not screw anything into your panels unless that is our only option and you approve ahead of time. Some installers have done that and that can void your solar panel warranty. We custom fit our guard material to the outside of your solar panels, ensuring the entire perimeter of your panels are securely covered. Our solar friendly “J Hooks” are pushed through the material and attached to the lip of the underbelly of the solar panel and held in place with a washer. The J Hook is then bent to keep the washer in place so it doesn’t come loose. There are times where large amounts of snow and ice falling down your panels and roof will put enough pressure on the guard that the clips can break and the guard can become loose. In those cases, birds could then get back underneath your panels again.  Our standard J Hook is made of silver aluminum.  Ask our team about upgrading to one of our “Blacked Out” packages where all of the J Hooks and Washers are made of black, powder coated aluminum. 

Upgrade to our Blacked Out Package

Ask our team about upgrading to one of our “Blacked Out” packages where all of the J Hooks and Washers are made of black, powder coated aluminum.

Windguard around your Solar Panels is NOT a Bird Deterrent!

Some solar installers install windguard material that attaches to the front and sides of the panels to give it a sleeker look.  Oftentimes they sell this to the homeowner as a protection that replaces the need for a pigeon guard barrier, but they do not work as a bird deterrent.  If pigeons have at least a 2 inch gap, they can get under the windguard and have access to your panels.  In those situations, we screw the guard material into the windguard pieces to ensure no gaps are below the panels large enough for birds to get underneath

The Importance of Pest Exclusion for Bird Control

When a pest exclusion is installed, the birds are no longer able to get underneath the panels, so they will be forced to look for a new home to nest and find shelter and warmth. We always recommend getting a pest exclusion installed prior to winter snowfall so the birds will be retrained to find a new home in the winter time. It speeds up their need to find a new place, as the cold weather and inability to nest and give birth to hatchlings will force them to go elsewhere. Also, the pigeons will most likely move on to a new home quickly because they’ll stick out like a sore thumb on a white snow filled roof that they cannot get underneath for protection from bigger birds of prey.

Warranty Information

Our Pest Exclusion comes with a Lifetime Warranty on the material and installation. In the event that the guard ever becomes defective or detached, give us a call and we’ll come out and replace or reattach it for free. Sometimes the guard will become detached by either birds or squirrels pulling the guard away from the panels, but in most instances, the guard becomes detached from the winter weather. As snow slides down underneath and on top of your panels, that snow can freeze and create ice that attaches to the guard. The movement of that snow and ice can cause the guard material to pull away from the panels, putting pressure on the clips that are attached underneath the panels. Those clips can break or release under pressure causing the guard to come loose. If the guard becomes loose, and provides an opening that is at least 2 inches in diameter, birds can get inside the cage and back underneath your panels. If you notify us immediately, we will come out and fix the guard without a new bird or squirrel issue occurring. However, if you don’t notify us immediately, birds can and will nest underneath the panels again creating a cleanup problem. We can perform the cleanup when we come back out to fix the guard, but there would be a charge for that depending on the severity of the cleanup and the amount of time it would take. 

Additional Cleanup Warranty for Biannual/Triannual Solar Panel Cleaning Packages

Customers who are on our Biannual/Triannual Solar Panel Cleaning packages receive an additional Cleanup Warranty with their cleaning package. Because we are on your roof every 6 months cleaning your panels and inspecting your Pest Exclusion, we will warrant your entire Pest Exclusion to include cleanup services for each year our customer is on the cleaning package. So as long as you remain a solar panel cleaning customer of ours, you have 100% peace of mind that you’ll never have to pay for cleanup or a Pest Exclusion service ever again!