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Why should I clean my Solar Panels?
When dirt and debris build on the panels it prevents sunlight from getting through as easily. This decreases the amount of production your panels get. In the winter time if it snows that snow will also pack on top of any dust and debris sitting on the panels and act like sandpaper when it slides off causing micro scraping which can reduce the panels efficiency.
It depends on where you live and what’s going on in your area. For Utah, we recommend the average customer clean their solar panels twice per year. Once in the spring and once in the fall. This helps keep your production up all year long and prevents the panels from getting scratched by snow packing onto dust and debris then sliding off the glass. If you’re in a dry climate but don’t get snow in a state like Arizona or Nevada or have a lot of construction happening in your area we would recommend three or four times per year.
The key to lower electricity bills is to lessen the amount of time your air conditioner (AC) has to run attempting to cool down your home. When it’s 90 degrees outside, it’s close to 140 degrees in your attic. A solar attic fan sucks out the hot air in your attic and allows the ambient air flow from the outside to replace that hot attic air reducing how much AC usage is required to cool your home. This will not only make the home more comfortable to live in but will also reduce your electric bill, extend the lifespan of your HVAC or AC unit and extend the life of your roof.
That depends on how much attic space you have as well as how big of a fan you feel would work best for your home. Our team will do an assessment with you to determine the appropriate solution for your home.
We use a reverse osmosis deionization system to purify the water before spraying it on the panels. This makes sure there’s no calcium spots or hard water residue left on the panels after the cleaning. Then we scrub each panel with a nylon brush. This is a soft bristle brush that’s recommended by the solar manufacturing companies since it allows you to scrub off dirt and grime without any risk of damaging the panels.
Our pigeon guard is a PVC dipped galvanized steel gridwire. We use this material because it’s highly durable and resistant to rusting. We confidently offer a lifetime warranty on the material and installation of our pigeon guard to give our customers peace of mind.
Pigeons will typically take 2-3 weeks to figure out that they’ve been evicted from your home. If it’s been longer than that and you’re still seeing them there are still a few things we can do such as bird spikes, bird netting, or repellent.

There are many temporary solutions to get rid of pigeons nesting under solar panels, such as owl decoys, reflective objects like spinners, bird spikes and some deterrents, but the ONLY permanent solution to getting rid of pigeons nesting under solar panels is to install a Bird Barrier, or as Wash Me Solar calls it, a Pest Exclusion, made up of a hard wired mesh around the perimeter of your entire solar array.  They only need about a 2 inch gap to get underneath, so ensure that all entry points are sealed. 

It will take a few weeks for the birds to realize they have been evicted from their home, but by having a Pest Exclusion installed, you can effectively deter pigeons from nesting under your solar panels and maintain the efficiency and longevity of your solar energy system and protect your home and family from the havoc pigeons leave behind.

Yes, pigeons love to nest under solar panels. They find the area under solar panels the perfect place for them to nest and build their families.  Solar panels provide a sheltered, elevated environment that protects them from predators and harsh weather conditions. The warmth generated by the panels is the perfect incubator for their eggs and hatchlings.

Pigeons nesting under solar panels can be a real nuisance. They not only create a mess but can also cause damage to your system. The following tips will be helpful to get rid of pigeons from under solar panels 

  • Professional Cleaning – Hire a professional company to clean out all of the nests, eggs, hatchlings, droppings and debris from under the panels and in your gutters and downspouts.  Pigeons use their own feces to create their nests and they have an incredible sense of smell, so removing all remnants of their feces and disinfecting the area is key.
  • Install a Bird Barrier, or Pest Exclusion After getting rid of the existing pigeons, one of the most effective ways to keep the pigeons out is by installing bird mesh around the edges of your solar panels.
  • Routine Cleaning and MaintenanceRegularly clean the roof and areas around your solar panels. Removing any new droppings and debris will remove the scent and make the area less attractive to pigeons. 

To remove pigeons nesting under solar panels, we start by removing all pigeon nests, eggs, hatchlings, droppings and debris from under your solar panels.  Next, we thoroughly clean up the mess left behind by pigeons under your panels, in your gutters and downspouts, and at the ground-level. We don’t just brush it off; we use a soft washing technique under your panels and power wash out the gutters and downspouts.  Removing every remnant of their feces helps to improve the success of keeping them from returning to your roof after the pest exclusion is installed.  We then install our pvc-dipped, galvanized steel grid wire mesh around the entire perimeter of the panels, ensuring the pigeons will not be able to get back underneath the panels.  We then apply a disinfectant treatment of all areas that have been in contact with the pigeon poop to remove all bacteria, viruses and smells that would attract the pigeons back to our roof.

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