Energy Efficiency Upgrades

Evaluating Energy Efficiency Before Going Solar

Energy Efficiency

Evaluating Energy Efficiency Before Going Solar

Before you go solar, it’s important to look at other energy efficiency items that could be more cost effective than a solar panel would be. This will help us shrink the system size and reduce the cost you pay for the whole project. 

Below are examples of everyday appliances that use the most electricity along with some simple home efficiency upgrades. Your WMS Energy expert will help you package any of these services into one project if we’re doing solar with the upgrades. Otherwise we will refer you directly to one of our subcontractors to have them complete the service for you.

High electricity demand appliances and some simple home efficiency upgrades

Top 10 appliances with the highest electricity demand

  1. AC/Heating
  2. Water heaters
  3. Refrigerator 
  4. Washer
  5. Dryer
  6. Electric oven
  7. Electric stove
  8. Lighting
  9. Television
  10. Other media equipment

Easy ways to improve the efficiency of your home

  1. Solar Attic Fans
  2. Attic Insulation
  3. Radiant Heat Barrier
  4. Window Tinting
  5. Mini-Splits or Dual Fuel Systems 
  6. LED Lights 
  7. Smart Thermostats
  8. Whole Home Fan

Solar Panels

Utility Company Incentives

Oftentimes utility companies offer incentives when you choose to make your home more energy efficient! Normally they have certified brands, installers, etc. that can qualify for rebates. Our team and/or our subcontractors will help check to make sure you’re not leaving any money on the table!

Utility company incentives:

Our recommendation on how you should start is to have us or one of our subcontractors get quotes prepared for you on some of these home efficiency upgrades. Then we will have your WMS Energy expert compare the increase in home efficiency and cost against that of solar. If you can achieve the same goal at a better price with a few upgrades, we will start with that and leave the remaining electrical usage to the solar panels we put on your roof! That way you can pocket the money in the middle!

A good example we use is in most homes we recommend putting two solar attic fans in to help reduce your A/C usage. The cost can vary but it will usually end about $2,000 – $3,000 cheaper than just adding panels to your home.

Be mindful of your habits:

Of course you should always consider areas where you might just be wasteful in your daily habits that could be impacting your electrical usage! Make sure you do simple things like turn off the lights when you leave a room, adjust or turn off the thermostat when no one is going to be home for an extended period of time, open windows in the summer to help cool your home instead of immediately relying on your A/C. There are tons of free ways you can reduce your electrical usage without impacting the quality of your life.

Choosing Wash Me Solar Energy (WMS Energy) for your Energy Efficiency Upgrades

Experience and Reputation

Wash Me Solar has been in business for over 5 years, is a reputable company and has partner relationships with some of the best Heating & Air Conditioning, Window Tinting and Solar Installation teams in Utah.  We have over 2000 customers, 130 Google reviews (all 5 Stars) and pride ourselves on taking great care of our customers.

– Our installation partner teams are experienced, come with all the necessary certifications and electrician backgrounds to ensure proper installation, quality service and reliable systems.