Add On Solar Systems

Harness More, Save More

Adding More Panels To Make Your System Fit Your Needs

Many homeowners like yourself want to add panels to their existing systems! This could be because you purchased a hot tub, electric vehicle, pool, or some other upgrade that requires more electricity.  Maybe you bought a new house that came with solar on it and that system doesn’t cover all of your family’s usage, or your system just might not have been sized correctly from the beginning so you’ve always had a little bit of an electric bill. Adding onto your existing solar system may sound challenging, but using an expert who understands all of the ins and outs of a solar system makes it easier. 

Enter WMS Energy. Our experts have come up with a few things homeowners should confirm prior to adding panels to their system. Of course, our teams are here to help if you have questions or want us to take a no obligation look at your system to see what the next steps would be!


Is Your System Working?

The first thing that needs to be determined prior to adding panels to your existing system is are you sure your system is working? Sometimes we get homeowners asking about add-on systems and we quickly find out that they don’t necessarily need more panels, they just need their existing system to work properly! Our teams can help you check your monitoring app to confirm everything is working well, or if you don’t have monitoring set up, we can get that taken care of for you as well.

If we determine something is wrong with your system, we can help you file the appropriate warranty claims and get our teams out to your property to make sure we get your system operating as intended.

Will the Utility Company Even Let You Add More Panels?

The second question is how does your utility company feel about you increasing your system size? Some city utility companies like Lehi, Bountiful, Kaysville, Murray, etc. have a limit where you can’t have anything larger than a 10kW system. If that’s the case for you, you’ll want to confirm how big your current system is since whatever you add can’t be larger than 10kW unless you do an off-grid or parallel grid system. Typically, we can find that information on your utility bill or with your original solar paperwork. 

Utility companies like Rocky Mountain Power may adjust your net metering rates if you go above a 10kW system, so it’s important to work with a company who understands the guidelines and looks out for your best interests.  Our WMS Energy team has worked with almost every utility company and city and will always go through the details around every possible decision. Whether you’re looking for an “on or off-grid” system, we have the knowledge and experience to help.  Our WMS Energy team members will walk you through the guidelines of your particular utility company and help you put a solution together to help you reach your energy goals! 

How do we work with your existing system?

Your existing inverter can play a large role in any decision you make to upgrade your system. If you have a string inverter such as Solar Edge, you may need to upgrade your existing inverter in order to add additional panels. Your inverter was installed to handle a limited amount of electricity and as you add more panels and more electricity, we’ll need to upgrade that inverter to accommodate the new production. We have many years of experience at this and you can rest assured that our team at WMS Energy will walk you through the whole process to ensure you have an inverter that’s sized appropriately. 


Should you just upgrade your panels?

Many homeowners wonder if they should get better equipment, i.e., higher producing panels, better inverters, etc. instead of adding more to their existing set up. In most scenarios we’ve found, taking a panel off is less cost effective than putting a new panel on.

The only scenario we’ve run into where replacing panels is a better route than just adding new ones is when you don’t have any more roof space. Outside of that the best bang for your buck seems to be to just add to what you already have! 

Wash Me Solar Has been in Business for Over 5 Years

Experience and Reputation

Wash Me Solar is a reputable company and has partner relationships with some of the best Solar Installation teams in Utah.  We have over 2000 customers, 130 Google reviews (all 5 Stars) and pride ourselves on taking great care of our customers. Our installation partner teams are experienced, come with electrician backgrounds to ensure proper installation, quality service and reliable systems.

Warranty and Maintenance

Our installations come with comprehensive warranties on both the panels and the installation work.  Solar panels come with 25 year warranties.  Inverters and micro-inverters come with 10-25 year warranties.  Wash Me Solar’s team are the experts in regular maintenance of your panels.  We also can help you get setup with monitoring services to measure the performance of your system.

Installing solar panels on your home is a smart and sustainable choice. The benefits extend beyond cost savings, offering environmental, economic, and energy independence advantages. 

Our team at WMS Energy is well equipped to help you through your solar journey. Give our team a call today to help you and experience the WMS Energy difference!